Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Press Release for Worldwide Women Artists Online Exhibition

Local artist, Tara Robertson is proud to announce her participation in
an International Online Exhibit. She will be featured along with 33
of her fellow artists from the World Wide Women's Artists Online
group. The World Wide Women's Artists is an international collective
of women artists showing and selling their original art through the
worldwide web.
Texas artist, Sharon K. Shubert will be the first WWAO member to host
the new series of international group exhibits on her website!
The artists are from throughout the United States, Canada, United
Kingdom, Australia, Ireland and Bangladesh!
The 34 exhibiting artists will be showcasing a variety of different
mediums. Mrs. Shubert has put together an excellent, creative and
interesting, must see show!
The exhibit will be available for viewing during the month of
September, 2007.
All works are for sale!
Don't miss this wonderful International showing of creative
women artists!!!

The Soup Bowl and Saucer pictured above will be part of the exhibition. It is also currently listed for sale on Etsy.

Monday, August 27, 2007

BUYER INCENTIVE SALE ♥ ◦ ♥ ◦ ♥ August 27 - August 31

BUYER INCENTIVE SALE ♥ ◦ ♥ ◦ ♥ August 27 - August 31
Visit any participating Etsy Mud Team shop listed below - Look for the "Buyer Incentive" item - Make your purchase and get the "Buyer Incentive" item FREE!

Purchase requirements vary within shops- please check each shop for details!!

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Monday, August 20, 2007

New Product!

I've always wanted to have some ramekins to cook cobblers and souffle's in. Perhaps it's egotistical, but I always figure if I want something, someone else it bound to--so I made a bunch of them. I listed the first pair (pictured above) for sale on Etsy tonight.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Burn, Baby Burn (A pit-firing picture diary)
Pit firing 8/4/07

An innocent pile of bisque-ware, awaiting their fiery trial...

The initial chemical coatings; computer etchant (ferric chloride) and a thin mixture of cobalt water
Selected pots are painted with a 1/2 water 1/2 etchant solution (warning--be sure to use gloves and plastic coatings on surfaces whenever dealing with ferric chloride.)
Pots painted in ferric chloride are wrapped with copper carbonate, hay, salt, and cut-up copper scrub pads.

Salt and copper carbonate are sprinkled liberally on a bed of hay on top of a sheet of newspaper. The pot is placed on the hay bed, then coated with scrub pad pieces, more salt, copper carbonate, and a sprinkling of hay.

The whole thing is wrapped loosely and secured with a little bit of tape (any kind will do)

Other pots are selected for a Cobalt treatment.
The Cobalt pots will be coated with hay, Miracle Gro, and salt.

They are layered and wrapped in the same fashion as the etchant vessels

All the pots are packed away to take to the firing site. As a bonus, the newspaper wrappers also keep the pots from getting broken on the way.

Supplies that I bring to a pit firing; more copper carb, salt (table and rock), sawdust, matches, newspaper, red iron oxide, lighter fluid, more hay, and wood chips.

The back of my car all loaded and ready to go

The empty fire pit

I create a bed of chemicals and combustibles for the pots to rest on. This includes (from bottom to top) charcoal from any previous firings, large wood chips, sawdust, rock salt, copper carbonate, and red iron oxide.

Newspaper bundles are gradually layered on this bed with kindling
Hay and more chemicals (salt, red iron oxide, and copper carb) are added loosely to the growing bonfire.

When the whole thing is piled up, it is doused with lighter fluid and lit on fire.

Burn, baby burn!
Sometimes when logs settle, I can actually see pieces in the fire while the flames lick them. I don't stoke the fire after the initial building, I'll just adjust logs occasionally for even heating.

Unfortunately, during this fire, it started to rain. The cloud just sailed in from nowhere. The fire still burned, but was not nearly as hot and did not go for nearly as long. As you can see, some of the logs didn't burn all the way down. As it looked like it might rain again, I cut my losses and let it cool down rather than re-positioning and re-lighting.

The hot pieces waiting to be pulled from the ashes

Pots are placed on the stones around the fire-pit to cool down

The pots wait to be packed back up in newspaper and taken home for cleaning and sealing


Some nice oranges, reds, and pinks came out on the Ferric Chloride treated pots.

I wasn't very happy with the Cobalt pots this time around. They needed to get much hotter than they did to receive the characteristic blue blushing from the cobalt/miracle gro combination. Some pots had still-interesting black, brown, and tan coloring. These I kept and sealed (see next two pictures).

Two had nearly no coloring at all. These I will re-fire.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Sculptural Leaf Vessel by Tara Robertson PotterySculptural Leaf Vessel

My work has been accepted on trunkt. This is a fabulous new website that showcases and helps to promote independent designers from all different fields. Artists are juried before their work can be displayed.

Check out my portfolio at