Friday, October 17, 2008

Little Critters
I've been working on something different for holiday ornaments this year. They are little critters--dogs, cats, and pigs that I've made all the components in separate pieces and wired together. For the first time this year, I've tried out underglazes for coloring instead of staining or just painting with acrylics. I've added little yarn scarfs for accents, too. Here are some pictures from the first batch.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Child Creativity
I'm always impressed by what my students come up with in my Kids and Clay classes. The assignment here was to make a handbell. We made the bell section with a simple pinch-pot, and then the kids were free to handbuild whatever they wanted on the top for the handle. This girl chose to make the bell a hill and the handle a tree. She made individual leaves for the tree-top and even added little squirrels. The ringer inside was an inchworm.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Big Pots from Big Molds

With two solo gallery shows coming up next year, I've decided to make it more of a priority to work big. Since throwing big is out of the question for me (10 lbs is about my limit) and I've done quite a bit of coiling, I've decided to experiment with plaster molds and slab-building. Above is a picture of the plaster mold. Below is a pot I'm working on that I've altered from two joined slabs out of the mold and am adding a lip to.