Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Etsy Mud Team Autumn Challenge

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

History in the Making

Here is Charlotte and me at the History in the Making show in Rochester, NY. My husband and I flew to the opening last Friday night. It was an amazing exhibition with lots of remarkable pottery. A highlight was being able to listen to Val Cushing give the opening remarks and hand out the prizes. One of my favorite quotes from the show: When speaking about the jurying process, Val said, "I always told my students that if they didn't get accepted in a show, it didn't necessarily mean their work wasn't good. I also told them that if they did get accepted in a show, it didn't necessarily mean their work was good either." What does this say about Charlotte? Val hastily added, though, that "I was quite impressed with all the pieces here tonight." Below are some pictures from the show.

A nice thing about no-one knowing what I looked like was being able to "listen in" while people talked about my work. While I snapped this shot, the man whose finger is shown above was giving a great critique about the colors and textures on my piece.

What a crowd! There were a lot of people packed in there Friday night.

One of my very favorites was the wavy bowl you see here int eh middle of the shot.

I just adored the glaze on this tea-set. This piece was even more impressive in person.