Monday, May 12, 2008

Home Sale--a review

The show went from 10-5 and it was slower than slow (actually not a soul came) until 1:30. That was a little depressing. I sat around reading Twilight (again) and waiting for the sound of the doorbell. A slow trickle of people after that, some modest sales, and I was feeling better. Then about 4:00, there was a steady stream of friends and visitors, some who purchased, some who came to look and chat, until well after 5:00. When I finally took the sign off of my door and officially shut down for the night, I had sold more pottery than I had ever done at any single home sale, gallery show, or outdoor festival.

So here is what I learned: Give better directions or a map on my invitation cards. (I had a friend who nearly turned around because she is from another city and couldn't navigate my cul-de-sac ridden town.) Start the show later and go longer. (Thank heavens for the people who came a little late and made purchases.) And last but not least, do not read addictive fiction to fill time. (I ended up spending the next couple of days finishing Twilight and reading the rest of the series because I can't put a book down once I've started)

Thursday, May 08, 2008

"Mudders" Day Jewelry Contest

The Mud Team and the Lampwork Etc. Team (LEST) will be hosting a dual challenge. Participating members from both teams will create a piece of jewelry for Mother’s Day. The piece can be any type of jewelry – bead, pendant, earrings, etc. Participating members are to pick an adjective from the list below and create a piece of jewelry that reminds them of or evokes the feeling of the adjective.

Frustrated * Chaotic * Ancient * Lively * Groovy * Flirtatious * Gruesome * Edgy * Tame * Curvy

Visitors to our website will be asked to vote for their favorite piece. Voting will automatically enter voters in a drawing for a free prize. Three voters will be randomly chosen to receive prizes and will select their prizes from those displayed on our website. Prizes that were not selected will be returned to the donator. Keith-khphillips will contact the three donors whose items were selected and inform them of the winner’s name and shipping address.

I've put some pictures of favorite pieces up above. To see all of the choices, and to vote, click here.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Home Show

I'm hosting a home show today! Here are some pictures from my set-up downstairs. I'll let you know how it goes later on.