Tuesday, March 07, 2006

What was wrong with my Kiln...After opening the bowels of my kiln, it's no longer a wonder that it wouldn't reach cone 10. It's a wonder that the kiln even worked at all. Pictured above are the connectors to the number one and two relays. Obviously, there was something wrong with them. They were frizzle-fried to a crisp. However, after speaking for some time with the repair-man and the kiln company, we decided that it wasn't the relays that were at fault; it was the control box itself that had shorted them out.
The kiln company sent me a new box to use while they fixed up the old one. I had to strip back the wires and put on new connectors, but once I re-attached everything to the new box, the kiln worked great. It fired up to cone 10 without a hitch.
I'm back in business.

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