Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Butter Dish

Simply a place for a stick of butter, or much, much, more?
Here's the latest from the studio :)


Studio√ČLAN said...


These butter dishes are lovely -and they satisfy a pet peeve of mine -why do so many potters make round butter dishes?!? I know its easy to make round ones on the wheel -but butter isn't round!

I also really enjoy your pit fired work from Halloween -you certainly got some lovely colour effects! It snowed and stuck here today -pit firing and raku season are probably over here for me until spring.


Tara Robertson said...

Thanks so much for your comment. Pit firing sure is a ton of fun, especially if you are a pyromaniac like me :)
I just noticed your fruit salt shakers on etsy. They are amazing!

studioelan said...


I've been lurking around etsy for more than a year and finally got it together enough to get a few things listed just this week. I'm probably a little late for Christmas but I'm looking at it as having a jump on next year! :)

I've seen your work along with that of the rest of the estyMudTeam. That seems like a lively group with lots of enthusiasm and good ideas.
Etsy is a great example of the creative uses the internet can be put to. I still meet so many people who just don't get it. In fact, I invited 6 artists to do a Christmas show with me at my new studio and not one of them is online beyond basic email! I keep telling them that they are missing a lot of great connections -especially between artists who so often work alone.
Of course, the internet is a great black time sucking hole as well!!
In fact I'd better get going before my family rebels at the lack of food, clean laundry and attention!