Monday, March 03, 2008

EtsyMom's Charity Auction

I didn't have time to take part in this promotion, but I decided that I had to do a plug for it. EtsyMom, a group of mothers who sell on Etsy, has gotten together to create a Spring Gift Basket which they are auctioning off on Half of the money will go to the Ronald McDonald House Charity, the other half to the artist whose product is voted the favorite of the group.

I have had a very close family friend who needed to use the services of Ronald McDonald House and I was very impressed with the organization. She had a baby that had (what ended up to be) a fatal heart defect. The closest hospital that could take care of her baby's needs was several hours away from home. A poor family, they had nowhere that they could afford to stay while paying the massive medical bills for their daughter. Someone introduced them to Ronald McDonald House. They were told they could stay there for a very minimal fee (I think it was a couple of dollars a day) and use the communal kitchen which was well-stocked with cooking supplies. It was clean and safe and a life-saver for them to be able to stay there when so far away from home. Although I am not a huge fan of McDonalds by any means, I do believe the charity is a good one and worthy of support.

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