Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Didn't make the cut

I posted a while back that I had applied to graduate school. I received a letter yesterday that I was not being considered for the program. I always knew that the school I was applying for was very competitive (they only take 2 new students a year) but somehow I always felt like applying for the program was the right thing to do. It's close to home, and they have excellent pre-schools on campus. The timing seemed so right, too. My daughter has two more years before she can go to elementary school--my program would take two years. So she could come to school with me everyday and I could drop her off at the excellent pre-school just a hop, skip, and a jump across campus.

Now that one avenue has closed for me, at least for next year, I need to consider what to do next. Of course, I'll apply again for 2010. But in the meantime, do I want to go back to school and just take courses till I can get into the program I want, or find a job, or create more art and try to get into more galleries and shows, or teach more classes at home? What's the best choice for my family? What do I want to do?


Shauna Rae said...

Sorry to hear that Tara, but in my experience everything seems to happen for a reason. I believe so much that if we are prayerful in all things we will know how to move forward!!! I have no doubts in YOU!

-Rob, Simple Circle Studios said...

Sorry to hear the bad news. I am expecting a similar letter some time in the weeks to come. They have not made a decision yet, but there is only one spot open this year, so it is pretty competitive. In the mean time I, like you, am trying to figure out what to do if/when I do not get in. I am sure something will turn up for you. Like Shauna Rae said, everything happens for a reason.