Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fun with a Clay Gun

Orange Lizard, by boy, age 9

I got a gift certificate for for Christmas. When I saw an industrial sized clay gun, I just couldn't resist. I justified my purchase because I thought it would be helpful for making the sides of my short trays that I put with my love mugs and because it was heavily discounted after Christmas. But really, I thought it just sounded "cool" and that the 8-10 year old boys that I teach in clay class would really go for it. The clay gun is big and golden. In demo, I held it up like a rifle "Wha!". I let the children choose different dies and design an animal with dixie cups as support for longer legs.

Here are some of the things they came up with:

Horse and Saddle, boy, age 7

Poodle family, girl, age 8

Sheep, girl, age 8

Snake Family, Boy, age 7

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Shauna Rae said...

Cute Tara! My favorite is the little girl's sheep. I love the texture and colors!!!